For the Disenchanted

by Joaquin Lopez and James Ashley Mayer

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Inspired by Mexican folklore and the Latin American bolero, Joaquin Lopez and James Ashley Mayer deliver a world of musical nostalgia and elegant melancholia. Influenced by the sounds of Jose Jose, Chavela Vargas and Llasa de Sela, Joaquin performs these simple lush ballads/melodies with an ashen baritone voice underscored by the acoustic beauty of the classical guitar. James Ashley Mayer on the Turkish cumbus (joom’bush) adds a Middle Eastern flair and sound to Joaquin’s Spanish lyrical expression. ‘For the Disenchanted’ is a modern day ode to hopeful love and romantic dolor.


released November 23, 2012

Lyrics and Songs by Joaquin Lopez
Arrangements by James Ashley Mayer and Joaquin Lopez
Recorded and Mixed by John Askew @ Scenic Burrows and Secret Society
Mastered by Tim at Stereophonic
Art and Design by Alejandro Juarez



all rights reserved


Joaquin Lopez Portland, Oregon

Joaquin Lopez

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Track Name: Olvidame
Olvidate de mi
No me busques
No hay nada
Olvidate de mi
No recuerdes
Mi mirada

Olvidate de mi
Adelante, en tu camino
Olvidate de mi
Mi amor, ya no te amo

Olvidame mi amor, olvidame
Olvidame mi amor, yo te fui infiel
Olvidame mi amor, yo me encontre
Un amor que me entiende
Hoy lo tengo a mi lado
El si sabe abrigarme
Ya no te amo

Olvidame mi amor, ya no me busques
Olvidame mi amor, no me recuerdes
Olvidame mi amor en tu camino
Un amor que me entiende
Hoy lo tengo a mi lado
El si sabe abrigarme
Ya no te amo


"Forget Me"

My Love,

I am writing you to ask one thing—
please forget me.
Do not seek me out.
There is nothing.

All I ask of you is to not remember me
and to not recall
my expressions, my face,
my presence.

Dismiss me from your mind.

Oh, and little boy,
hurry along and upon your journey.
Forget me—yes
my dear, I no longer love you.

Dearest love,
forget my love and all of me.
Yes! Forget it. I was so unfaithful.
But, guess what? Today I have found someone
who understands my crazy
who not only stands by my side—
he knows how to embrace me.
My dear, I hate to say it,
but, I no longer love thee.

My love, my beautiful passionate love—forget it! Do not seek it out!
My love, my intoxicating amazing love—forget it Remember it not!
Oh love, you my most loyal love—hurry along! And upon your little journey!
I have found someone who understands my crazy
who not only stands by my side—
he knows how to embrace me.
Oh, don’t be so sad,
but, I no longer love thee.

On a serious note:
Listen, forgive me.
I was stupid.
I miss you like you don’t know.
It hurts.

I love you, still.

—Joaquin Lopez
Track Name: Ella
Ella, durante el dia se peina
De colores ella se viste
Satisfecha lo que es normal
Ella, muere un poco cada dia
Cuando intenta ser esa esposa
De un amor tradicional

Ella cansada de ser de una de ellas
Quien vive observando aquellas
Las quien exulten la voluntad

Baila, baila, ella
Baila enamorada de esa mujer
La cual vive bajo su piel
Baila, baila, ella
Baila enamorada de esa mujer
La cual vive sus convicciones

Ella se enamoro de ella
Como un caballo bajo la luna
Ella duerme con las moscas
Ella quiere comer de ella
Saborear ella misma una fruta
La matriz de un amor seminal

Ella protejida con la sombra
De la luna cuando el hombre sol
Se duerme

Ella, sale por la noche por ella
Volando entre rios y cuevas
Saliendo por la gran cañon
Ella, respira el aire hecho de estrella
En un mundo lleno toda de telas
De colores infantiles

Ellas, enredada en ese nudo
Que da sangre cuando el sudor
Completa la libertad


"The Woman Who Lived in a Dream"

Once upon a time there was a perfect wife who had the perfect life.

A quiet hardworking husband, a beautiful large house, closets full of colorful dresses and shoes for every occasion. Daily, she would comb her hair, make-up her face, select her dress, and slip into her shoes. She would look in the mirror and say, ”Perfect.” The day would pass. She’d take a walk. Make dinner. Listen to the radio. Crochet. Always, her hardworking husband would arrive at six. He’d take off his jacket. Change his shirt. Change his pants. Change his shoes. Quietly, they would eat. Play parcheesi. Drink their tea. And, read by the fire. Then, off to bed they’d go.

Nightly, holding her close, the quiet husband would ask, “How was your day?”

“Perfect. Yours?”

Asleep he’d be.

--Joaquin Lopez
Track Name: La Hija de Frankenstein
La hija de Frankenstein dormida
Con la anticipacion
Del choque que su maquinista daria
Una corriente electrica
Que viene desde los cielos partidos
Con la espada de zeus
Rojo, verde, azul el vestido
Con una rosa de silicon

Esa maquinaria hermosa
Espera ser penetrada
Con la corriente de la humanidad
Su padre maquinista
La inyecta con la vida
Posee la espada del señor zeus

La hija de Frankenstein despierta
Sin saber por donde ir
Conoce a nadien ni tiene sentidos
Con las facultades inutil
Toda la gente alrededor se rien
Cuando intenta asimilar
Ella lerda, tonta y derrotada
Sin proposito de funcionar

La hija de Frankenstein obligada
Vivir bajo el reino
De un maquinista que nada le importa
Pero las partes de silicon
Ella decide la vida no vale la pena
No vale la humanidad
Cuando uno debe no parecer diferente
Cuando somos circunstancial


Excerpt from “The Daughter of Frankenstein” by Joaquin Lopez

Admittedly, everyone who ever laid their eyes on her would say, “She may be a monster, but she is the weirdest stunning monster ever made! Such a fine piece of man’s work! Statuesque and gorgeous! Rock solid and dumb as a doorknob! Ha!” It was these sorts of things that would break her fragmented heart. And, everyday before nightfall, in a sort of momentary repose, her eyes would close as her power depleted. It was always at this moment when the nightly ritual began. In her room Dr. Frankenstein would lift his sword, capture the lightning with its heavenly roar, and penetrate it straight into her heart injecting her with humanity. She, beautifully still, opens her eyes and hardly gives a moan. “My beautiful, perfect daughter!” He says.

Through the window, she just stares at the clouds.
Track Name: Dejame Ser Tu Cuerpo
Quiero amor amigo
Quiero ardor, abrigo
Toma mi aguardiente
Mirame frente a frente

Quiero el sol despierto
Quiero la luna sin miedo
Un corazon abierto
Quiero seguir viviendo

Sueño de ti despierto
En tu presencia ausente
Con mi palabra callado
Nunca te fijas siempre

Toda mi alma vacia
Toda las penas son mias
Nadien me tiene de dueño
Menos esta guitarra y el canto

Hay, besame con una rosa
Abrazame con el arbol
Envuelvame en tus raizes
Dejame ser tu tierra

Besame con tus ojos
Abrazame con tu verbo
Envuelveme en tu sangre
Dejame ser tu cuerpo

Dejame ser tu cuerpo



Sometimes when I am by myself
I walk the streets and look into the eyes of others
I wonder if they see me


Then I wander some more

I look into their eyes
I even smile sometimes
I hope perhaps somewhere deep inside
They want something from me

I’d like to give it to them
If not for a while, for a moment

That would be nice

—Joaquin Lopez
Track Name: Tocate
Me dices que te vez viejo
Que te sientes gordo
Que quieres lucir bien
Yo te exijo, si

Aunque me ignores
Con una palabra
Aunque me insultes
Con esos labios

Tu presencia me toca
Como una cancion triste
Bella y tragica
Mirate con mis ojos

Tocate como yo te toco
Mirate con mis ojos

Quien sabe tal vez un dia
Te enamores, quien sabe
Quien sabe tal vez un dia
Te enamores, quien sabe


"Who Knows?"

Listen to me,
you are not as fat as you think.
In fact, you’re not fat at all.
And, even if you were,
so what.

You say you want to shine.
I don’t know what’s stopping you.
Allow yourself.
I demand it.

You’re presence touches me
like a melancholic song,
beautiful and tragic—
which is great—
but, could you do one thing for me?
See yourself with my eyes.

Touch your self as I touch you.

Who knows?
Perhaps one day you will fall in love

Who knows?

--Joaquin Lopez
Track Name: Abrigame
Abrigame con tu amor
Abrigame con el sol
Abrigame con la paz
Como quisiera yo a ti

Abrigame con silencio
Abrigame con palabras
Abrigame, abrigame con tu amor

Abrigame aunque ya
Te has alejado de mi
Abrigame tu con el
Mientras yo sigo aqui

Abrigame con tus ojos
Abrigame escondido
Abrigame, abrigame con tu amor

Abrigame sin pensar
Abrigame con la mar
Abrigame y no parar
Como quisieras me ahogar

Abrigame en tu perfume
Abrigame con tus huesos
Abrigame, abrigame con tu amor


"Embrace Me"

Embrace me with your love,
Surround me with the sun,
Surrender me peace,
I surrender to you.

Embrace me with silence,
Surround me with words,
Embrace me, surrender me
Your love.

Embrace me regardless,
Why distance yourself with restraint?
Cradle me, include me as your mistress,
Must I continue alone?

Coddle me with your eyes.
Seize me, we can hide.
Embrace me, surrender me
Your love.

Embrace me without conscience.
Surround me with the ocean.
Embrace me, do not stop.
Suffocate me sweetly.

Sooth me with your scent.
Devour me to the bone.
Embrace me, surrender me
Your love.

--Joaquin Lopez
Track Name: Hoy No Quiero Morir
Hoy no quiero morir
No sin antes decir
Sueño de gran amor
Baila corazon

Apenas soy bebe
Muy difícil creer
Fantasias de amor
Lunes a domingo

Hoy no quiero morir
Tengo tanto que dar
Talvez, talvez ya
Tiempo me curara

Hoy no quiero morir
Tengo vida sin fin
Probablemente ya
Tiempo me curara

Hoy no quiero morir
Abrazandote a ti
Dentro mi cuerpo
Baila Corazon

Soy un hombre de amor
Lleno con el color
Rojo, verde, y azul
Lunes a domingo


"Today, I Will Not Die"

Today, I don’t want to die
At least, not without saying
I dream of gorgeous bountiful love
Love to make my little heart dance

I’m just a kid, you see
Take my word
I sing and fantasize about love
Every day of the week

I don’t want to die
While holding you
Deep within me
As we dance with our little hearts

I am a man of love
Full of every color of the rainbow
Red, green and blue are mine
I wear them every day of the week

Today, I don’t want to wither away
I have too much to give
Perhaps, maybe just perhaps
Time will further my days

Yes! Today is not my end day
My love is boundless like the sun
Besides, it’s possible—I know it’s possible

Time will endure my flame

--Joaquin Lopez
Track Name: Abrazame Otra Vez
Oi ya no vives con él, amor
Y vi, la memoria de aquel adios
Que sufri, tantos años sin tu amor
Quizas me abrazas otra vez

No se, hablarte o escribir
Mi fe, aun sigue esperandote
Tal vez, me diras que me quieres
Quizas, me abrazas otra vez

Yo le pido a dios que tenga piedad
Yo le pido al viento que me de su calma
Yo le pido a tu corazon el perdon
Yo te pido a ti

Yo le pido a dios que me de bendicion
Yo le pido al viento que respire tu voz
Yo le pido a mi corazon el perdon

Por seguir amandote
Amor, sigo amandote
Amor, abrazame otra vez


"The Arrogant’s Affair"

Throughout the night, I see him. Talking. Laughing. Smiling. The life of the party. Gregarious. Handsome. So the man I fell in love with at twenty-seven. The sound of his voice intoxicates me. Takes me back to a time when we were together two beautiful tumultuous years. At the party, I am so enthralled I follow him with my eyes. As I talk to someone, I follow him with my ears; I pay attention to his voice just to know where he is at all times. The rumor is: he’s single. But, he brought his ex. It confuses me. I ignore it. (Within the marrow of my bones) I still hope. At one point we come together at the kitchen counter. We cut limes for rounds of tequila. We both smile. Small-talk. Recall a past memory. Then off we each go to our group of friends. Throughout the night, I see him.

Everyone at the party poses for one last snapshot. He stands behind me as we all smile. I can feel the comfort of his presence, his body next to mine. I don't see the ex. So, I lean back to feel him. My friend holds up a sign from a sing-along we sang earlier. In big bold letters it says, “No regrets, just love.”

“Smile!” Snapshot. Goodbyes.

I wake up. My head throbs. My body aches. My face is puffy. It’s the aftermath and my home is a wreck. Bit by bit, I attempt to put things back together again. Everywhere: half empty glasses, uneaten cake, mounds of beer bottles. A dark film of sticky muck coats the floor. I unwrap unopened gifts—I am now thirty-five.

I do not forgive myself. It’s very unfortunate. My arrogance expects to be forgiven. Like a fat diabetic baker who over indulges, I’ve gotten too used to making my own cake and eating it, too. It seems I find it necessary to taste every sweet thing that comes my way. And, it makes me sick.

I regret everything.

—Joaquin Lopez